Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Unfortunately, when you utilize YouTube, you lose quality. It's a great tool, and I personally am a huge fan of YouTube. It's easy to pass on, anyone can watch it, it's great. But there is that one downfall. The quality.

So if you caught GCC Plays Simon (from my last post) on YouTube, check it out on our Media Player. The difference is astounding. (Plus you can make it bigger by selecting 2X or FS)

Watch it and tell me you can't see how much cooler it is :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

GCC Does Simon

Curious how GCC celebrates Easter? Check it out here. OR catch a small glimpse on YouTube of GCC playing our own version of the 80's game SIMON. What can I say, who doesn't love glowsticks?! (I gotta say though, YouTube just doesn't do it justice...)

Monday, March 17, 2008


I've been "blog-silent" for a few weeks now (who knew!?!) because life has been overwhelming. It's not for lack of ideas - I've had plenty spinning through my head - unfortunately life has gotten in the way of my blogging.

So today, I give you, randomness.

  • Friday I had on flip-flops. Today I got pelted in the face by sleet. It hurt.
  • Why is it that when you have a diabetic staying at your house that suddenly all you want is a donut?
  • There's a new Walmart. It's only two miles away. I've been there twice in six days. It still has that "new store" look.
  • I started experiencing stress headaches last week. They suck. I don't recommend them.
  • I'm so addicted to LOST I ended up burning 1,000 calories at the gym yesterday so I could get farther in my show.
  • I've been watching a lot of old movies lately. I love their subtle humor.
  • Microsoft Outlook has ruined my typing - it automatically fixes all my errors. I've had to use the backspace a lot already in this post.
  • Soon after I posted this - I was eating toast at work while talking to a co-worker. She started laughing. When I asked why, she told me because I threw away my last bite. I didn't even realize I did it.
  • I tried forcing myself to eat toast differently - outside in - it didn't taste as good. I'm back to my old, strange ways. Hey - don't judge.